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Alive and Well!

08.10.19 09:25 AM Comment(s)

Can you hear us in the back?

Can anyone hear us? Hello? Well I guess not at the moment because let's face it when you disappear for 8 months without any notice people tend to not just flock back at your first chirp.  That is OK. If you are reading this then you either stumbled into this because our Project Lead forced you too or we might have made something here at OpenOil that people enjoy. Either way, we are back and better than ever. While quiet, quite a few things happened in that 8 months that I think deserved attention:

  • Relocated company headquarters to Huntington Beach, California

  • Launched OpenOil consulting division, specializing in helping energy companies solve complex business intelligence problems

  • Partnered with Blackbird BI to promote energy data dashboards

  • Brought on a Chief Risk Officer, Paul Graham

I think we should dub it the Quiet, But Productive Summer (QPS). Lets get it trending on Twitter, be those people.

In all seriousness, whatever brought you here, thank you for checking us out.  Our goal from day 1 is to provide quality work that empowers business to make intelligent decisions in the energy space.  We love solving problems that seem to have no clear answer. We thrive on taking complex, hard to grasp ideas and translating them into actionable insights, no matter what path or stone we must overturn.  Our current clients range from banks, energy, social policy experts, and commodities traders all finding value in being able to digest data within seconds. 

With that, I have some work I need to get too. Look forward to sharing much more here now that we are all settled in! 

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