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Launch of OpenOil

21.02.19 10:53 AM Comment(s)

The Team here at OpenOil is really excited to announce the launch of OpenOil, our latest project.  

One of the biggest issues engineers, analysts, landmen, data scientist’s struggle with is accessing clean, easy to use datasets. Trust me, I was one of them! 50 different states, 35 different formats, each updated individually.  It became a nightmare to keep any of my model’s updated, let alone begin to actually USE the data to add value. We knew we had to find another solution.

As we began searching the open market, we were hoping to find a product that could deliver well-level oil & gas production values on a month-by-month basis, for each month dating back 10 or so years.  What we discovered was that all current solution’s out there either did not come close to meeting our needs, or cost tens of thousands of dollar. We were floored. How could there not be anything out there at a reasonable price that can fulfill what we need?

Being naive, we ended up deciding to do the next best thing: build it ourselves.  It was not easy, but after some time we a working, we developed a database that fit our needs.  Well level production information available in multiple formats, any time frame. The job was done, or so we thought…

After using this internal solution for only a handful of cases, we soon discovered the power it holds: clean production datasets in less than four clicks? Serverless design that can be deployed into any private environment with ease? If we can find value it, surly someone else can as well.  So we decided to take a radical approach. Instead of charging people for it, what if we gave it away for free? Or better yet, make it open-source. Allow anyone to upload their own personal datasets, connecting different parts of the industry with another.  Show people the documentation for anyone who wants to connect via API? Some said it couldn't be done.

And so we are doing just that.  This marks the launch of our Pre-Alpha phase, allowing users to create a profile, and view some sample data.  We hope you check out development timeline, and if you have any comments, please leave feedback! OpenOil swag might come your way…

Currently, we are working on adding the main basins to our updated backend, doing multiple performance checks to ensure the least amount of lag.  

Thanks for checking us out, and we looking forward to having along this journey with us to open-source the oilfield!